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Living in a condo can force one to get creative about the way in which one manages their space. Whether you’re living in a one bedroom, a studio apartment or in the den, you’re probably looking for ways to make the most of your limited space. A Bed, a desk, cabinets and dressers will all take up a considerable amount of floor space, but are necessary to live comfortably and remain productive in your home. Space-saving beds have become a popular alternative for condos, apartments and guest bedrooms, but there is a new type of wall bed that has taken the condominium market by storm.

Bed to desk combos are transforming the way people think about condo living spaces. In a bachelor pad or studio den, a bed can take up the vast majority of your living space. Having a bed that folds into the wall for extra floor space is great, but it often requires one to move furniture in its place afterwards. Having your bed transform into a desk means that you can stay productive during the day and still get a good night’s sleep after work.
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Stay Productive

A good desk is an important part of staying productive at home. If you’ve ever been forced to work from your bed, you can understand how messy and unorganized things can get in a hurry. Space-saving beds that turn into desks are becoming a popular alternative for students, condo owners and residents alike. Changing your desk into a bed is simple and the transformation can be done in seconds, without requiring you to remove your belongings from the surface.

Modern Look and Design

Turn your home office into a comfortable guest bedroom without sacrificing the modern aesthetic of your home. The desk to bed combos can be outfitted with additional cabinetry, which can provide added function to your room. It is a perfect alternative for an extra bedroom in an apartment den and gives owners the functionality of using it as a home office and a guest bedroom to host friends and family. The Spaceformer design allows you to maximize the functionality and comfort of your living space while maintaining your home’s modern style.


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